Support investment in education!

by Ligia Deca

A group of European citizens has started a European Citizens’ Initiative proposing to exclude education budgets of countries that invest less in education than the five-year Eurozone average from the countries’ public spending deficit.

With this, the initiative aims at:

1. Combat inequality by providing equal opportunities for education and training to all young people in Europe.

2. Ensure adequate and appropriate infrastructures and tools for high quality education in Europe in times of crisis.

3. Enhance and safeguard growth, development and democratic institutions; ensure the employability of younger generations through investment in education.

4. Support the European policy Horizon 2020

The financial crisis has strained many national budgets, but one sustainable way to avoid crisis in the future is to invest in education, as a pre-condition for sustainable policies in any sector. Europe’s future depends on well-educated, active and involved citizens that can contribute to furthering our democratic societies.

So we call on all readers to visit the official site of the initiative ( and contribute by signing a petition requesting decent public investment for education.

More about the initiative can be found on: