Helene Glykatzi Ahrweiler

 AhrweilerHelene Glykatzi Ahrweiler is an eminent Greek university professor and Byzantinologist.

In 1970-1973 she was first vice-president, and in 1976-1981 president of the University of Paris 1 Pantheon-Sorbonne, the first woman to hold that post. In 1982, French President François Mitterrand named her as Rector of the Academy of Paris and Chancellor of the Universities of Paris, a post she held until 1989. From February 1989 to August 1991, she was president of the Centre Georges Pompidou.

In 2008 she was named amongst the 100 greatest Greeks of all time.

The future of Europe is the future of our children. Whatever we invest today in education will return tomorrow in the form of peace and growth. The crisis must not deepen the inequalities, it must not build the foundations for future conflicts. Let’s all fight in order for education to become the first priority.

Citizens should apply pressure on politicians.

I warmly support the citizens initiative about excluding education spending from the deficit calculation.

It is important as it provides a vision that surpasses the crisis.

It gives hope and it sets an example of citizen mobilization towards a better future for Greece and Europe.”